About us

Sprout is an award-winning Salisbury based design agency that launches, relaunches and manages brands. We work with small start-ups to global super brands across all sectors, all countries, all of the time.

We opened as a brand-driven creative agency in 2014, after decades of global design & marketing experience working for some of the world’s most successful & prestigious brands, both in-house and on behalf of other leading agencies.

We’re independent
We think freely, follow our intuition, seek out new possibilities. So you get a unique perspective.

We’re straightforward
We don’t overcomplicate things. Our approach is effective yet refreshingly simple.

We talk to our clients
There’s no middle men. For us, the conversation is where every job begins.

We’re in it for the long term
Every client, every job is a commitment. More time invested means greater understanding.

We don’t take your word for it
The brief is a two-way process. We’ll listen – but we’ll also question, research and explore.

We’re flexible
Our creative director is involved in every project. We build the rest of the team to fit your project.

We’re everywhere
The UK is only our physical location. We can – and do - work with clients all over the world.

We keep an open mind
We never limit ourselves. Great ideas often come from unexpected places.

We’re evolutionary
Consumer environments change all the time. We help brands adapt and find niches that give an advantage.

We love what we do
Our aim was simple – enjoy every single day of our lives, working with like-minded people who value our approach and who are prepared to work collaboratively.

Where ideas grow™

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